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Shopping for Clothes to Look Curvier – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Erica Lurie, designer at Garnish in Portland Oregon. We are going to talk about ways to make yourself look a little bit more curvy. This dress here is called the Sophie dress, and this is a great example of that. Here it gives a nice cinched waist and the slightly fuller upper body will give that illusion of more of a curvier shape.

Also if you are looking for some fullness, you can choose a skirt like this where the skirt kind of flares out a little bit and adds that sense of fullness. It even will give more of a fuller rump to it. We have also Shannon here who is going to model for us, and she has chosen this wrap top.

There are three ways to wear this wrap top. Open, as she first is showing, loosely tied down low, or the next option is the one that really going to help her show off her curves. She is going to tie it just a little bit under her bust. And you can see here that it highlights the bust and gives her a nice small waist. And this is really the option that makes her look the curviest.