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Shopping for Clothes to Look Taller – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Erica Lurie, designer here at Garnish in Portland Oregon. We are going to talk about some ways to make you look a little bit taller. Lot of these ways are also similar to ways to make you look thinner. One way is to wear some vertical stripes. That will keep the eye moving up and down. This here dress is a great example of that.

Also you can choose patterns that have a bit of a vertical feel to them. For example this dress here, these hexagon patterns do have a little bit of a vertical stripe feel to them. That will also keep your eye moving up and down and give the illusion of feeling taller.

One really crucial thing to feeling taller is your hem length. If you have something that is too long, it will cut you off in a weird spot and will not emphasize the length of your legs. So don’t be afraid to go get something altered. And really check out different hem lengths, sometimes even an inch can make a big difference.