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Shopping for Clothes to Look Thinner – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Erica at Garnish in Portland, and we are going to talk about ways to help you look a little bit thinner as you are dressing. This dress here is perfect for that. This is the Amanda dress and one reason that it is great is that it is one color. And sometimes when you wear separates they can tend to cut you in two. So choosing a solid color dress can really help elongate your body.

Also this dress has a nice deep V which helps keep the eye going up and down and it also has the ruching around the waist. The ruching can help cover up anything that you might not want to see around the waist. One thing to also pay attention to is the hem length. If you are trying to look a little bit longer, you want to be sure to get that hem to the right spot in your calf. Something too long will just sort of draw it out but something just the right length will help you look a little bit taller.

Moving over here, you can also wear prints and stripes to help you look a little bit taller. But be careful with what you choose. This dress here looks really nice because it has the vertical stripes, and vertical stripes will keep that eye moving up and down and this piece does that nicely. Moving over here, this is a same dress as the first one we started with, but it is in a print. And again you see the V neck, it is really nice and elongating. And this actual print has a bit of a stripe to it, and that also keep the eye moving up and down. And then, the nice smaller waist will help you look a little bit thinner as well.