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Vintage Accessories for Women – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats. When you first think of vintage accessories for women, you want to start at the top and think about hats. You always want to wear a beautiful hat with an item. It really is an accessory that will finish off your outfit. I am wearing a thirties pill box hat with a little veil. Behind me, I have got some great hats from the sixties, the thirties, the sixties again and I have got another great feather pill box with a red beautiful feather. When you are looking for accessories and vintage hats, always make sure that the veils are in good condition, that the trim and the flowers are in excellent shape. If your flowers or your trim is smashed on the vintage hat that you find, always take a hot iron, carefully, and steam it out. Use the steam mechanism only, and your hat will come right back to life. One of my favorite vintage accessories is a purse. This is a box style purse from the thirties made in a fabric, a ribbon weave and it is gorgeous. It opens up and it is just dainty enough to carry all your lady-like items or maybe even pop a sandwich in there. Behind me is a beautiful detailed cherry red bead purse from the fifties with a loose side handle. This purse is made so well, it has endured the test of over sixty years. This purse, when you find and you are looking for vintage purses, you always want to make sure they are in good condition and that the trim is not falling off, the handles are not broken or cracked. If you are looking at leather, always be careful for wears in the leather or cracks and signs of dryness. This will make sure that your purse rips apart if it is dry and your purse will be damaged. Now when you are looking for vintage accessories, remember, you ca not find those purses anymore – that is why they are so special. In my hand is a purse that is over a hundred years old from the Victorian era. It is a metal mesh purse in a German silver and it opens up on hinges. It is the ultimate accessory to take on an evening out, to a party, to a formal event or a wedding. It is so different and so unique; this purse is amazing.Purses are always a beautiful way to top off your wardrobe when wearing vintage clothing. When you are looking for a unique item in vintage, one of the ultimates is sunglasses. Sunglasses can change your whole appearance. I am wearing a forties pair in a big light with round granny frames. They are the ultimate in accessories and an easy way to change up your wardrobe and add vintage to your life. A fun way to dress up your accessories and vintage clothing, is with a shoe accessory. Here I have a pair of pumps, with rhinestone band across, that will liven up any outfit, especially for dancing. Another little great item is a sixties piece, by a maker from the sixties with a great heel, in excellent condition, just waiting to be worn. One of the funnest ways and one of the easiest accessories to add vintage to your life is jewelry. Two necklaces from the 1930’s, art deco period in a carnelian with sterling silver and marcaside. Jewelry is just one of the easiest and funnest ways to dress up your wardrobe. Just by adding a beaded bangle or a beaded necklace to an outfit, you can be transformed back to an era.