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If you’re interested in having your product(s)/service(s) featured in any of our productions, you have to complete the Product Placement Advertiser Form, pay the non-refundable “Submission Fee” of $50,000 and submit them ASAP to secure a product placement spot in our Celebrity Shoe Party Reality Show. Complete the form below.

Upon receiving your Product Placement Advertiser Form and “Submission Fee”, we will email you instructions on what to do next in order to complete the product placement process.

Payment Instructions

After you click the “Submit” button below, enter the following data in the “Purchase details” payment form fields on the next page:

Description Form Field: Product Placement Advertising in Celebrity Shoe Party Reality Show

Price Per Item Form Field: 50000 (in this exact format)

Ignore the 4.99 amount in the text field below. You will be charged $50,000, not 4.99.