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Your product/service needs exposure. Your product/service deserves to be a star.

Product Placement could make your product/service a star.

Drawback of Television Advertising

You spent hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of dollars on a wonderful ad to promote your amazing product/service and your expensive ad was not seen by viewers when it aired because the viewers chose to skip your ad (what a bummer). Do you want to experience that frustration? Of course you don’t. So what’s an alternative to such a frustrating scenario?

Product Placement is the answer. What is the advantage of product placement advertising? Your ad can’t be skipped by viewers because your product/service/brand is an embedded feature of the show/movie the viewers are watching and not an ad that viewers can skip. When viewers are watching the show/movie that features your product/service/brand, you’re assured that your product/service/brand will get eyeballs. We would love to have your product(s)/service(s)/brand(s) featured in one (or more) of our shows/movies. Is your product/service ready for exposure? Are you ready to begin the process of signing up for a paid product placement spot in our show(s)/movie(s)? Click the link below.

Click here to access the “Product Placement Advertiser Form”

What are you looking at? At least I have hair…I have leading man (bird) looks, don’t you think? Wanna be my leading lady?  

Your product/service should be in this show/movie. Don’t let this Product Placement Opportunity go to waste.

An actor could mention or use your product/service in this show/movie.
Your product/service needs exposure. We’re ready to film. Your product/service deserves to be a star.


  1. Reality Shows
  2. Movies
  3. Documentaries
  4. Promotional Videos
  5. Music Videos

Movies and TV Shows Reach Billions of Viewers!

The movie game is a global game. Having your product/service in a movie or TV show means your brand could be seen by billions of people.

Hey advertiser, I’m ostrich. Do you sell cupcakes? Cupcakes are so delicious. I’d love to eat some cupcakes.
In my opinion, you should sign up for a product placement spot on this website. Your product/service deserves exposure and higher sales. Got any doggie biscuits?
Don’t laugh. If you went without coffee for days, you’d look like this too. Coffee would be a great product to use in a movie or TV show. The female ostriches like the look.